EMA places its Product and Service Quality with the highest priority. Through ongoing support and formal training all members of the EMA team are aware of product requirements and customer expectations.

Close cooperation between Quality and Production ensures that the manufacturing team is capable of meeting what our customer wants. Product is manufactured to comply with IPC-A-610 standard requirements.  Since 1996 EMA has worked in close partnership with the British Standards Institute ( BSI ) to achieve and retain accreditation to the ISO9001 standard. We are compliant to the latest 2015 version of this standard.

The Quality Management System links all processes and departments with the purpose of ensuring the products and services offered comply with customer requirements.

EMA has hosted a number of customer assessments with satisfactory outcomes and has achieved a key supplier status with a number of our customers.  Key Process Indicators ( KPIs ) are set by top level management and performance tracked on a continual basis. Performance results are published to the whole EMA team with actions in place where required.

A continuous improvement culture is in place utilising Six Sigma concepts. 5S disciplines are practiced in all areas of the business, with all team members trained on the fundamentals and active in bringing it to their daily roles.

Problem solving tools are utilised including 8D, Ishikawa, Process Mapping, PFMEA, 5Y. All problem solving teams are cross functional to ensure solutions are suitable for all areas of the business.

The Quality Department continually engages with other Departments to support where required on matters such as Customer Performance, Internal performance, Supplier performance, Corrective Actions, Internal Audits, QMS Development, Horizontal Development.

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