Surface Mount Assembly

EMA offers its customers over 30 years of experience in the Surface Mount Assembly industry. In 1989 EMA took its first step in to Surface Mount Technology by investing in two stand-alone placement systems, semi-automatic screen printer and infra-red batch reflow oven.

Today EMA has two fully automated Surface Mount Placement Lines which comprise of the following:

Screen Printers

  • MPM Accuflex
  • DEK Horizon 03i

Placement Systems

  • Juki FX1-R
  • Juki KE2060RL
  • Juki KE2080L

Reflow Ovens

  • Electrovert Bravo 8105
  • Electrovert Omniflex 7

Handling Equipment

  • Rommel Board Loading / Unloading & Conveying system
  • Nutek Board Loading / Unloading & Conveying system

All our screen printers have fully programmable under stencil cleaning and programmable 2D inspection / solder paste coverage systems.

Our placement systems are capable of placing a wide range of component types from 0603mm (0201) to 75mm², including 50mm x 150mm long connectors. With a placement accuracy of +/- 0.05mm using laser recognition and +/- 0.03mm using vision recognition.

Our systems can achieve placement rates up to 76,000 components per hour combined.

Our reflow equipment are all FAC (Forced Air Convection) with each zone (top and bottom) programmable and therefore giving greater control of the reflow process.

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