The EMA team offers a service to our customer base to rework and/or upgrade products to meet new requirements.  The scope of our rework is not restricted to our manufactured product, rather we make our team/technology/capability available to our customer base for a whole range of considerations.

Our intention is always to carry out the rework in a controlled manner. Our aim is to provide the customer exactly what is required whilst meeting customer delivery requirements. All rework is carried out by trained operators. Our intent is that the standard of reworked product matches that of our standard manufactured product.

 EMA adopts an open door policy to its customers to ensure that rework meets the expectations as agreed at outset. We will work in partnership with our customer to agree the process steps, detection gates and product exit criteria.

Rework processes are controlled through the established documentation system in EMA. Operators are always fully trained on rework requirements and are provided the necessary tooling/fixturing/documentation/reference information/samples etc to ensure that they can meet customer requirements.

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