EMA carries out the following inspection steps within our process :


  • Surface Mount Screen Print paste accuracy and presence.
  • Surface Mount Component Placement accuracy and presence.
  • Visual inspection using magnification
  • Automated optical inspection camera system


Our screen print detection utilises an inbuilt programmable and fully automated camera system able to detects any lack of solder presence.  Surface Mount camera systems detect placement errors ( positional and presence ).  EMA has inspection capability to meet the standards required of IPC 610 class 1, 2 and 3 products.

All Inspection personnel are trained to SVQ level to :

  • ensure best practice is applied in assessing product
  • best utilise all vision equipment
  • rework product to industry standard requirements

The optical inspection camera systems allow component position, presence, type to be assessed. The system is fully editable and able to make the correct inspection decisions based on the input data. Data is transferrable from surface mount programming package, which saves programming duplication activities.

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